Welcome to a Bigger and More Secure World of Koble

Nothing is worse than getting an email from an address that looks like your friend’s only for you to open it and realize it’s a phishing scam. Not only is it really annoying, but it compromises your information.

Why do we get so much spam? Fake newsletters from fake email addresses shouldn’t even be allowed, so why are they?

We understand your frustration. We respect your time and privacy, and we believe there has to be a better way of doing things. In our application, you’ve always been protected — by only allowing those with a work verified email.

However, for small vendors, this can prove difficult. Not every small business or enterprise has an email that is tied to their company’s website domain. Recently, we’ve looked to enable these professionals on our platform as well, while also ensuring that we’re going the extra mile and adding steps to our authentication process so you can be ensured that when you talk to a person on Koble, you’re getting the real thing. No scams. No spoofing.

What’s changing? When you sign up for Koble, you’re required to give an email address. When we get that email address, we are now separating them into three categories: authenticated, unauthenticated, and blacklisted.

If your email address belongs to a domain from an established company or business that we already have in our database (ex. johnsmith@yourcompanyname.com), you’re authenticated. When your account is authenticated, you get a mark that tells everyone you’re the real deal, and you get a higher ranking in the searches on our app.

If you register with a personal email address on a public domain (ex. johnsmith@gmail.com), you’ll be put into the unauthenticated pool. Unauthenticated accounts can still use the app with limited access, but they will not be given the check mark and will receive a lower ranking than authenticated accounts when it comes to a search.

We then will do a background check to verify the identity of your business, which may include asking for the registration of your company. Once we verify that your company is legitimate, we will move you to the authenticated pool and give you the check mark.

The third pool is the blacklist. Koble has a database of email domains that are typically bought by scammers. We add to this list every day so that we can filter out these people and ensure that they can’t get through the authentication process. Unlike with the unauthenticated emails, people who are blacklisted have absolutely no access to our app.

We’ve also been working to make the onboarding process simpler and faster. Now when you sign up, we take you through a few simple steps to make sure that your profile is complete when you finish the process.

Once you click to sign up, you’ll be asked to enter your email address, then sent a verification link. Remember, thanks to our updates, your personal email addresses will work just fine! When you click on the verified link, you’ll be brought to a page to fill out your company information and then your personal information.

Next, we take you through your personal preferences and how you plan to use your Koble Account. We ask you a few simple questions like: what does your company do? Are you looking for suppliers or customers? What markets are you trying to reach?

Once you finish filling out your preferences, you’re good to go! We encourage you to post an introduction of your business to get you started. Of course, feel free to take the tour once you get into the platform.

The streamlined process and new verification system has been put in place to ensure your safety and set you up for success. We want all of our users to feel protected in our app and 100% ready to start making connections, so all that you have to worry about is making better business.

Post by: Koble