Where business relationships get formed

Koble is the only business app where buyers feel safe to engage with sales and marketers.

Establishes trust

By requiring members to join with a verified company email, Koble creates a high quality audience where everyone is who they say they are.

“Knowing that you are dealing with real people from real companies adds a level of confidence in digital exchanges that is only second to an office face to a face meeting”

Marc De Oliveira
Regional Supply Chain and Procurement Director at ISS

Protect your identity

Members have complete control over who can see their identity. Browse and chat anonymously until you feel comfortable revealing your personal identity.

“Having your name out there in today’s digital world rapidly exposes you to digital harassment. With your personal identity withheld the problem goes away.”


Cut through the noise

Koble matches you with relevant companies, products and people, removing much of the work associated with searching for new suppliers or clients.

“Searching the web for relevant suppliers is time consuming and frustrating. Koble’s matchmaking algorithm puts you in front of the right companies and people you can directly chat with.”

Cyril Pourrat
Vice President, Procurement and Supply Chain, Sprint

Keep your business running uninterrupted

Thanks to advanced user management features, contacts on Koble get automatically updated to reflect rotation within organizations. This way, you don’t have to manually update a contact database or risk losing valuable ongoing business discussions.