Why Lead Generation Forms are Still Dead

Last year we wrote about why lead generation forms are dead. We still believe this and we thought we’d update our thoughts and share some experiences that we’ve encountered since we published that article.

Over the last few months we’ve looked at many of our members’ marketing content to try and help them get seen by buyers in our platform. The amount of gated content on their websites that we’ve come across is still surprising.


Avoiding the Gate

It doesn’t appear in SEO results and many people still get fed up of them, so why do companies still gate their content? Especially with the new options such as Koble available to them. Browsing r/Marketing on Reddit recently made me realise how many marketing professionals feel pressured by their Sales teams to gate their content. Though these marketers know the majority of the email addresses they receive and pass onto sales will be unattended.

A point of note that made me chuckle from that subreddit was how many people are using bob@bob.com as their go-to unattended email address that they submit to access content. I truly feel for the Bob who works at Bob.com, as his email inbox must be exploding with all the e-marketing content he receives.


Where does my lead generation come from?

Here’s an interesting illustration from Hubspot which shows where Marketers say where their lead generation comes from.

What is surprising about this image is the majority of leads come from “other” sources. According to a 2016 Demand Gen Report, 47% of buyers viewed 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep. By gating your content, you’re potentially stopping this engagement.

What we encourage on Koble is for Marketers to post various types of content, not just e-books or pdf brochures. This gives potential buyers a better understanding of what you offer and also allows them to get to know your company better before they make contact with you directly- this is where your leads will come from and they will be a lot hotter than someone who has downloaded a pdf with a false name.


But what about analytics? How do I report?

Koble is a platform that allows marketers to post their content which is then seen by real buyers. As none of the content is gated, you may think that there is no way of finding out who has seen your content and how long for?

We’re happy to say that our analytics tools provide this exact information, even down to which company has looked at your content, how many times they opened the content and for how long they spent reading/viewing. Lead generation forms cannot provide this info.


In Conclusion:

  • Make your content free to everyone.
  • Create the best possible content you can, so your downloaders think “That was so helpful, I just have to go back to that company.”
  • Use a platform that provides you with accurate analytics with a potential to initiate contact with the viewer.
  • Think of Bob@bob.com and how many emails he receives each day. Help him out!
Post by: Koble