Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Share your Network.

In our previous blogs we’ve talked about the benefits of creating and expanding your business network and how you can stand out from your competition using compelling content marketing.

Your business network isn’t as private as you think it is. As a competitor I can easily click on your Social Media pages and see who is following you, posting on your wall, commenting on your posts and engaging with you. This information I can then use to contact these companies and target them to become my client, taking away business from you.


What does this mean to you?

But should this be a worry to you? We think not. If you are posting great quality content, you shouldn’t be too concerned. You stand out from your competition through this content. When you post or share anything it gets shared throughout your current network, but as there are comments and engagement from your audience, other companies in their network see this and can also access your content.

An example being you posting a link on your Facebook page to your blog/brochure. This gets seen by your company “fans” on your page. Any engagement they make with your post then gets shared on their own feed, which then gets seen by their network. A network you initially did not have access to. This in turn, puts your company on their radar and allows you to increase your target audience when they engage with you.

Using this alternative means of increasing your readership essentially means your own network is expanding. Showing that you are the Thought Leader in your industry gives you increased visibility to any potential customers who may not have considered you in the past.


Compete on Content, Not Contacts.

Remember though to choose what you share carefully. Your audience on Social Media may not be interested in your product catalogue or datasheet. They want to know more about how you are differentiating to your competitors and why they should choose you over your rivals.
So, in essence you should never be afraid to share your own network because your superior content will put you above your competition. In other words, if you are sure you have a better offering you should benefit from others contacts.

Post by: Koble